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Bringing you the flavors of Puglia through imported foods and olive oil, & exclusive getaways.

Puglia is a magical place. As the "heel" of Italy's boot,  a peninsula within a peninsula, it is a place where travelers must choose to go. Off the beaten path, trains traversing Italy North to South end their journey here, even the last cobblestones of the ancient Roman Via Appia are laid here.

Thick olive groves, rocky soils, and sea waters on three sides have created a land of unique culture, language, and history. Puglia harbors Italy's best olive oil, ancient vineyards, and some of the best culinary traditions Italy has to offer.  Italians are well acquainted with this "secret", but outside travelers rarely journey to this southern corner of Italy.

We are two sisters with family roots in Puglia. Our mother was born here and so was her mother and her mother. Our family's roots in Puglia are as deep as those of the centuries old olive trees. We have come to appreciate the many gifts Puglia has to offer - from food and wine to its ancient customs. Our mission is to share these with you, to bring you into the fold of Pugliese hospitality so that you too may experience the treasures of this ancient land.




Taralli, Italian Love Knots.

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Taralli, Italian Love Knots.

Le Sorelle

The days are getting longer and there is no need to rush and get dinner on the table. Kids can play outside a bit longer and the grown ups can enjoy a glass of wine.

Or two.

And if you get the munchies, try something different, something better than chips or pretzels. Try Taralli from Puglia, a crunchy, buttery, love knot made with all organic ingredients! They keep to the traditional Pugliese recipe of wheat, extra virgin olive oil, and white wine.

We taste tested these at our local neighborhood wineries in Santa Barbara and it was LOVE and lots of AMORE at first crunch!

Try them with your favorite glass of wine, and taste the LOVE in Love Knots!

Crunch, crunch! Love, love!

Crunch, crunch! Love, love!