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Bringing you the flavors of Puglia through imported foods and olive oil, & exclusive getaways.

Puglia is a magical place. As the "heel" of Italy's boot,  a peninsula within a peninsula, it is a place where travelers must choose to go. Off the beaten path, trains traversing Italy North to South end their journey here, even the last cobblestones of the ancient Roman Via Appia are laid here.

Thick olive groves, rocky soils, and sea waters on three sides have created a land of unique culture, language, and history. Puglia harbors Italy's best olive oil, ancient vineyards, and some of the best culinary traditions Italy has to offer.  Italians are well acquainted with this "secret", but outside travelers rarely journey to this southern corner of Italy.

We are two sisters with family roots in Puglia. Our mother was born here and so was her mother and her mother. Our family's roots in Puglia are as deep as those of the centuries old olive trees. We have come to appreciate the many gifts Puglia has to offer - from food and wine to its ancient customs. Our mission is to share these with you, to bring you into the fold of Pugliese hospitality so that you too may experience the treasures of this ancient land.




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Trulli - mysterious hobbit homes


Puglia is not a place where you can simply "pass through." Geography prohibits the casual traveler. It is a peninsula within a peninsula - a land's end of sorts- the heel of Italy's boot. You must go with intention and arrive with purpose.

Roman roads came to an end here. Ancient languages still survive in Puglia's southern most recesses. Life moves at a slower pace in synchrony with the maritime winds and seasons.

The crimson earth exposes and expels chunks of limestone seabeds in constant geological motion. Tradition and ritual bind the people who live here.

And as with all ancient, far away places, there are mysteries and peculiarities to behold.

In Puglia, it is the trullo.

Copyright 2013 Raffaella Lorenzoni
These conical limestone houses dot the landscape from the central puglia to the south. Built without plaster, legend has it that trulli were easily built and deconstructed so as to vanish when tax collectors came around. No one knows for sure.

Alberobello is the hub for all things trullo. The town built on a hillside is a conical cornucopia of these whimsical structures. Though it has become somewhat "touristy" with many of these trulli unabashedly turned into shops full of kitsch souvenirs, it is certainly worth a visit. No other place holds such a high density of trulli. I personally prefer the lone, ancient trullo standing its ground in the picturesque countryside, but I don't hesitate to recommend a pit stop in this unique pugliese town. Wander the streets, take a first hand look at the structures in and out, and enjoy a shot of espresso. You won't be disappointed.